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Watercolor Poppies

I left most of my art stuff in Cleveland when I came home for the summer... not very smart of me. But it was an excuse to make a trip down to the Hobby Lobby (yay)! I bought watercolors, a packet of paintbrushes, new paper, charcoal, and one watercolor pencil (I'm still not entirely sure what a watercolor pencil actually is... I haven't really been successful with it as of yet but if something magical happens as I try to figure it out, I'll be sure to post about it). 

Hobby Lobby is smart because they are aware that self-proclaimed artists such as myself will get excited about (and probably purchase) something that they actually know nothing about. For that reason, they provide free 'How To' brochures explaining the fundamentals of a given medium. Equipped with my new materials and brochure, I decided to tackle watercolor. Here is my attempt:



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