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Landscape Studies

Isabelle Dupuy, my favorite artist (here's her site), paints quite a lot of landscapes. I first saw her work in an art gallery in the French Quarter of New Orleans a few years back, and was totally in awe. Her choice of vibrant colors and unapologetic texture play together wonderfully. What I love most about her style is the amount of paint she uses- she heaps so much paint onto her paintings that the paint alone comes up an inch or two off the surface of her canvas (!!). When I can get over the fact that paint is so expensive, I'll try doing that too. For now, I've got plenty of work to do learning the basics of landscape painting. Here are two tiny studies I recently did (3" by 4"):

First: I googled "Fiji" (because I really want to go there one day), found a picture, decided to paint it..

Second: In July of 2012, I had the chance to visit Morocco. As we drove from Marrakesh to Ifrane, I had my arms stuck out of the cab snapping pictures of the countryside to capture the strikingly orange soil. I used one of the snapshots as a reference for the following: 



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