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Acrylic Floral

I'm taking a painting class this semester- my first one! Thus far, we have done all of our work with acrylic paints, since they dry faster and are harder to ruin. The first painting we did was a still life in the style of Cezanne.

Our second painting was an expressionistic floral. I really enjoyed this one! I globbed on the paint in the flowers and dipped my fingers in my paint to make the little dots. I also learned how to use a palette knife (here's a link for your reference, since I didn't even know what that was before I took this class), which I utilized for the pot- basically you scoop your paint onto the flat metal part of the knife and scrape it onto your canvas. It makes a really thick/rich texture which I absolutely love. The good thing about acrylic is that if you don't like something you painted, you just let it dry and then repaint over it. After much painting and repainting, I am now pleased with the outcome!! Here it is: 



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